Live Music

& Community Events

Calendar of Events


7th – Rack n Clutch Fashion Truck 10-3pm

26th – Dinning Out For Life 5-9pm

28th – Bob Koehler 5-8pm


2nd – Iron Fork Event, City Museum 7-10pm

3rd – LC 6-9pm

10th – Curley Joe 6-9pm

12th – Third Annual Patio Party/Pig Roast 2-10pm

17th – Tom Byrne 6-9pm

24th – Sliced Bacon 6-9pm

26th – Bridgette Koss0r 5-8pm

31st – Gary Schoenberger 6-9pm


7th – Duhart 6-9pm

9th – Two Trees 5-8pm

14th – Bob Koehler 6-9pm

21st – LC 6-9pm

23rd –

23rd – Rack n Clutch Fashion Truck 10-3pm

28th – Tom Byrne 6-9pm


5th – Gary Schoenberger 6-9pm

12th – Sandy Weltman 6-9pm

14th – Two Trees 5-8pm

19th – Roger Hessling 6-9pm

21st – Rack n Clutch Fashion Truck 10-3pm

26th – Sliced Bacon 6-9pm

28th – Curley Joe 5-8pm


2nd – Bob Koehler 6-9pm

9th – 9th Street Surfers 6-9pm

11th – Grub & Groove, Francis Park 12pm-10pm

11th – LC 5-8pm

16th – Two Trees 6-9pm

23rd – Curley Joe 6-9pm

25th – Rack n Clutch Fashion Truck 10-3pm

25th – Tom Byrne 5-8pm

30th – Duhart 6-9pm


6th – Sandy Weltman 6-9pm

8th – Sliced Bacon 5-8pm

13th – Gary Schoenberger 6-9pm

20th – Curley Joe 6-9pm

22nd – Bridgette Kossor, Tim Mead & Matt Rowland 5-8pm

27th – Bob Koehler 6-9pm

29th – Macklind Days

30th – Art in the Park, Francis Park


4th – Roger Hessling 6-9pm

11th – Tom Byrne 6-9pm

13th – 9th Street Surfers 5-8pm

18th – Duhart 6-9pm